Rock art, Petroglyphs, Pictographs.
Arte rupestre, Pintura, Gravura.
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Rock Art in Brazil,
Height, Landscape and image to compare.
Where is the origin of this early Brazilian people?
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to see the .kmz file with our places, download, unzip and open with Google Earth
Sample DataSouth America, Brazil,
Google Earth Location Pin's .kmz file.
Red dots on the map below are the Rock art sites found up to now in Brasil.
Possible migration routes up to 10.000 years ago, before this event that reshape Earth.

I won't be a surprise when we find ancient rock art in Antarctica, shelter style near a valley cliff.
We look forward to catalog next the following places:

Sub Shara Africa and South Africa regions, Australia, Indonesia Region, Tailand Region, and Western China
(work in process...)
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